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Vent: The Different Faces Of Me is a book of poetry that is broken up into three different parts: The Christian, The Human, and The Professional. Through my poetry, I am explaining that I am a three dimensional person. First and foremost, I am a Christian. However, just because I am a Christian, that does not mean that I am not human, hence Part 2. Humans are humans. We all make mistakes and we all live different ways. But in being "human," you should also know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Part 3 is called the Professional because I want people to know that you should know how to conduct yourself accordingly in different aspects of life like religion, in your career, and even sometimes in your personal life. Well-rounded people is who you want to surround yourself with at all times. Through my poetry, I want others to know that being well-rounded is the best way to be.

Vent: The Different Faces Of Me

SKU: 978-0615781044
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