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Woman is a book of poetry dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and encouraging women to be their best selves. Currently, there are a lot of events, radio shows, podcasts, TV shows, and movies displaying and illustrating women's empowerment. I wanted to contribute to this movement in poetry form. Spoken word and poetry of today's time have driven us into a modern renaissance. What better way to encourage women and young girls than to speak to their hearts poetically.Woman is written in three parts. The first part and the first question that is asked is "Who Does God Say You Are?" It is important to know the answer to this question. If we know who we are in God and what He says about us, we will be able to answer the second question and part 2 which is "Who Do You Believe You Are? If we can compare these answers, we can figure out what we are doing right or wrong. If we want to get to a certain place within ourselves, we must first get to a certain place in Him. The third question and part 3 is "Who Do You Ultimately Want To Be?" You must put your mind to where you want to be in life and push yourself there.


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